FutureWise Today

It wasn’t that long ago, when things felt relatively stable and predictable.  Then, almost in the blink of an eye, we found ourselves in a completely unprecedented situation of change and uncertainty.

We’re all pretty much aware of how Covid 19  has wreaked havoc on the health, education, well being, economic stability and future of many Americans, with some solutions in sight but also with rising levels of unpredictability in the future.

But it’s about much more than Covid.  Subtle changes have been happening for the past 20 years “under the radar”, that have brought us to this point in time, and they’re the kind of changes that are very difficult, if not impossible to reverse.

What does it mean to be FutureWise now?   

What important priorities must be shifted today, based on the increasing speed of change?

How has the “NEW NOISE”  (distraction, distortion, disruption, disengagement, disinformation and overload ) become so commonplace, that we’ve failed to understand the critical tradeoffs that we are making?

How in this new world of increasing instability do we learn to choose our future, and navigate the shark filled waters that surround us?

And, how do we FUTURIZE our families, businesses and individual priorities, to create and elevate our PURPOSE and POWER?


Welcome to FutureWise