What is FutureWise

As Media, Technology and Consumerism  continue to expand their combined  power and impact, and more highly immersive forms of media (example: augmented virtual reality) prepare to move us into even deeper levels of information involvement, it’s time to take a close look at the tradeoffs we are making each and every day, in both our personal well being and our higher awareness potentials. Information is often defined as a message that is received and understood.  But this highly over simplified definition leaves a great deal unsaid about our current accelerating information environment, and the levels of “noise” (distraction, disruption, distortion and overload) that are being manufactured, by the “money machine” to addict us and reduce our capacities for CHOICE-FULLNESS . What needs to be emphasized now, is the emerging scientific research directed toward our full human potential and how this potential is currently undermined when both the quantity and quality of information, places negative and overwhelming demands on our thinking and emotional systems, by exceeding and manipulating our information processing capacity. Iamfuturewise.com has been created to help families and individuals more fully understand the current dilemma of living in a media driven digital world, dominated by increasing levels of “noise”.  On the one hand we love and need our powerful and important tech tools (smart phones, computers, video games, etc.), but  on the other hand, we are beginning to notice more and more frequently, a wider and more troublesome variety of changes in the way we communicate, our attention span, motivation, stress levels, resilience and altered value systems.  What are the real tradeoffs that we are making today?  The changes are often subtle, confusing and deceptive, taking place, slowly over time,  in ways that prevent us from recognizing and understanding their underlying causes. We hope you will join us in becoming more FutureWise, as we uncover new ways to solve today’s digital dependency dilemma. Our goal is to point the way toward innovative and effective solutions by integrating the latest scientific findings from education, psychology, media, brain research and technology, along with providing powerful and practical tools for your positive future.