#2. The I-Theater





The I-THEATER uses the motivational engagement of entertainment, in new and compelling ways, to support the self development skills needed for the development of PURPOSE and POWER.  

By using a THEATER metaphor, we can view our life, and the STORY we’ve been creating, (whether we realize it or not) as taking place on THREE interconnected theater stages. 

Our BACK STAGE consists of our past experiences (both conscious and unconscious) and the vast network of combined elements, that make us a unique individual (age, stage, style, passions, beliefs, etc.). …with our own personal story to tell.

The FRONT STAGE of our theater, is our CURRENT, unfolding STORY, here and now, in present time.

Our theater FUTURE STAGE reflects our personal goals, and the individuals, organizations and Circles of Influence, that will either support us, or interfere with us, as we continue to develop our STORY path into the future. This includes our family, friends, school, relatives, education, employers, mentors, and religious organizations. The FUTURE STAGE will “observe” and “evaluate” our unfolding STORY, interacting and communicating with us, while either recognizing and embracing our journey, OR disrupting our progressive path toward success and higher levels of development. 

The I-THEATER uses the interactive method of INNERTAINMENT, a simple, personalized and compelling approach to personal development, that considers and matches the media shifts that have occurred in the past twenty years, and continue to occur in technology, social media, entertainment, mass media and the internet.   

The theater metaphor provides a time FRAMEWORK that allows us to explore our goals and priorities for creating our FUTURE, while incorporating our favorite entertainment into the process. 

Through the I-THEATER, we can focus on the development of our PURPOSE and POWER, to provide a gateway to our future happiness, success and fulfillment.