Our MINDSTYLE is the way we RECEIVE, RESPOND and REGULATE information. As the speed of change increases, along with technology, media and consumerism, our MINDSTYLE changes.  And when our MINDSTYLE changes, our well being and mental health can change along with it.  

We can think of what’s currently happening with our MINDSTYLE, as something very new and different from the past. The OUTSIDE sources of incoming information that surround us, are competing for our attention.  “Eyeballs” translate into income, in our capitalistic society, which places attention as the primary goal for businesses.  The digital forms of incoming information, whether mobile, computer, iPad, TV or newly emerging alternatives, continue to increase their impact, along with changing technological and media innovations.  We receive, respond and regulate this incoming and accelerating barrage of information as best we can, depending on our personal preferences. But our awareness, ability and control skills are fallible, subject to our changing needs and wants.  And as the digital “masters” of pleasure, figure out more and more seductive forms of information, our regulation resources begin to weaken, and we become more and more susceptible to OUTSIDE sources of information manipulation. 

But here’s the “kicker”.  The other, far more important form of information is INSIDE information. This is the information that directs our internal thought stream, personal story, motivations, and mental health.  So as the OUTSIDE information streams grow more powerful, our INSIDE information streams can become more vulnerable and susceptible to being modified, overwhelmed, deceived and dominated by OUTSIDE information. Some of us lose control of our inner information regulatory capacities and find ourselves more and more “immersed” in the “new noise” of distraction, distortion, disruption, disinformation, and overload than we really want to be.  Others actually become addicted to the silent, seductive and invisible forms of OUTSIDE information. When this occurs, our MINDSTYLE balance of power between OUTSIDE information and INSIDE information has been changed. 

The MINDSTYLE PLAYBOOK will introduce you to the three MINDSTYLE MODES (Reactive, Reflective, Elevated), that are critical determinants of our behavior, responsible for maximizing or minimizing our pathways to health, success, fulfillment, happiness and purpose.  

Most of us remain unaware of how our MINDSTYLE is continuously effected by our social environment, and how it has been changing slowly “beneath the radar” for the past 20+ years. Brain research in the area of neuroplasticity, confirms the fact that our brain continues to “rewire” itself minute by minute, day by day, month by month and year by year, directly in line with the accelerating OUTSIDE information streams we choose to engage with. 

It’s important to understand that now, in this digital age of “new noise”, everything is very different from the past.  We’ve never been here before. High speed, invisible coded technology, media and consumer innovations are increasing the speed of change daily.  

We often make the false assumption that we’re adjusting to these changes, and that our brain can change as fast as the world around us.  But research indicates this is simply not case. Instead we’re finding that our psychological systems for maintaining well being are misaligned with the contemporary changes in our surrounding Circles of Influence, which is creating changes in our behavior.

The MINDSTYLE PLAYBOOK, will discuss what does happen to us, when there’s a BIO-CULTURAL mismatch between the culture of accelerating change,  and our brains slower ability to adjust to it…when OUTSIDE information systems change the balance of power, dominating and overwhelming INSIDE information systems that are important to control our well being. 

We’ll offer information to clarify why it’s important to understand our three MINDSTYLE MODES, along with how best to prepare and protect the vital skills needed to respond to the new and increasing levels of OUTSIDE information. 

The MINDSTYLE METHOD offers a solution to this problem and will define the five layers of learning that are the building blocks of well being and mental health.  

MINDSTYLE skills begin at the early stages of our development, through a science based foundation and committed plan of action, directly aligned with our individual differences and developmental stages.   

Parents, children, and adults can benefit in their own unique way, by understanding how the MINDSTYLE PLAYBOOK is directly relevant to their lives today, and how choices, freedom and control of the future are a direct outcome of a more elevated MINDSTYLE MODE.