Client Projects

WARNER BROS: Completed a major analysis of their entire cast of characters for their Licensing and Merchandising division. Based on our feedback and recommendations, WB revised the entire approach to their character style guides.

NICKELODEON: Assisted with Tween marketing of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius. Assisted with evaluation and launch of Rocket Power, Sponge Bob Square Pants, CatDog, The Wild Thornberries. Studied Rugrats as a landmark evaluation of its character design effectiveness.

DISNEY: Conducted a workshop on competitive character concepts to Mickey Mouse and friends with the goal of how to make Mickey & Friends more attractive to kids older than 6.

UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE:  Improved and maximized the Food and Nutrition Services’ Power Panther character to help kids “Eat Smart” and “Play Hard.”

BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE:  Created from scratch characters to help pre-schoolers eat more fruits and vegetables. The result: “Judy Fruity”, “Reggie Veggie” and “The Bag Boy.”

DANNON:. Major food study of yogurt for kids for Danone Europe.

KRAFT: Evaluated and provided feedback for maximization of more than 23 different kids snack ideas. Conducted age segmentation training and differentiation.

CONAGRA: Redeveloped and maximized KID CUISINE character, packaging and product line. Result: 200+ % increase in sales.

QUAKER OATS: Variety of projects including evaluation of new product introductions in snacks, instant hot cereals, and cold cereals.  Evaluated character changes and made recommendations for Cap’n Crunch character.  Training sessions in product and program development.

HI-C / MINUTE MAID: Provided input on current kid-targeted packaging.  Training sessions in product and program development.

KELLOGG’S: Evaluation of new product ideas.  Conducted ideation sessions that produced nearly 100 new line extension kids cereal and snack ideas. Training sessions in age differentiation and product development strategies.

SARGENTO CHEESE: Assisted them in the redevelopment of their primary packaging character and re-packaging for cheese snack re‑launch. Conducted focus groups with children and adults.

SHOWBIZ: Evaluated new character show directions, made recommendations for revision.

GENERAL MILLS: Evaluated a series of fruit snack ideas, Squeezit beverage. Conducted training sessions in product development and age differentiation.

JOHNSON & JOHNSON: Evaluation of a variety of kids’ personal hygiene products.  Assisted directly in the development and launch of Endangered Species Kids’ shampoo line.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY: Evaluated kids marketing directions.

HIT ENTERTAINMENT of the UK: Led focus groups with Kids and Moms for their Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder product lines. Trained their moderators for other city research in the U.S. and the U.K.

SPIELBERG:  Assisted in determining the implication of “abandonment” issues for young children in The Land Before Time film.

MACROLIFE NATURALS:  Developed child and pet characters to assist in the development of a children’s line of nutrition supplement products.

MICROSOFT: Conducted research and focus groups on iconic imagery for brand recognition.

HALLMARK:  Research on greeting cards and in-store display approaches.

NIKE: Training sessions on age differentiation and product and program development methodology.

THE LEARNING COMPANY: Training sessions for developmental ages and stages along with product and program line analysis.

CINAR ANIMATION:  Product development to promote imagination in children along with creation and production of series theme song.

UNIVERSAL: Developed proprietary method for creation and analysis of one-sheet, billboard and poster images.

SEGA: Research on gender differentiation in video gaming.

MATTEL:  Analysis, focus groups and evaluation of over 50 major toy and game concepts

LUCASFILM:  Star Wars evaluation as toy line translation for Mattel Toys.

MARVEL:  Analysis of various cartoon characters.

ABC:  Workshop and seminar in age and gender differentiation.