Breaking the Cycle of Noise

Becoming more FutureWise involves both the understanding and the necessary actions to create effective noise filters and to break the ever increasing Cycle of Noise.  The outer Circles of Influence, that surround us, are continually accelerating “noise” at higher and higher levels. Because we live in a capitalistic society, the name of the game is “success”, and success is most often demonstrated through the display of financial and materialistic gains with disregard for our higher human capacities of wellness and wisdom. The dilemma for humanity lies in the fact that as entrepreneurship and financial rewards continue to drive the economy, values become the single most critical factor underneath HOW these material gains are created.  But values and virtues are part of a person, or a corporation’s character, so let’s ask the following question.  How IS the current “character” of our country?  Can we trust our politicians and corporations to make decisions that benefit individuals, society and humankind, or does greed and favoritism get in the way?  And while the country’s “character” IS the issue, what kind of “noise” is continually being manufactured at higher and higher levels, to perpetuate big business and the materialistic agenda, while disregarding the health of the planet and the individual’s inhabiting it? The best long term solution available to individuals and families, is to develop the critical awareness and needed skills to create CHOICE-FULL lives and to learn how to effectively break the accelerating Cycle of Noise that is imposing it’s negative and regressive values.  This is especially true for young children who are extremely vulnerable,  because they have not yet fully developed the high brain “filtering” functions to understand or modify the accelerating and regressive “noise” in their world.  This web site is dedicated to informing individuals and families about the negative impact of the Cycle of Noise and to provide tools and programs to help understand how an individual and families can increase their levels of awareness and CHOICE-FULLNESS.