#1: Why Innertainment?


Contemporary psychological research indicates that stories continue to be one of the single best strategies for gaining and holding a person or a group’s attention and focus. 

In today’s tech and media dominated world, people in the business of communication know this, so almost everything now is communicated as story.  But not every story communicates information and knowledge that offers the potential for positive growth and choice-full change. In our new age of personalization, we can pick our “tribe”, along with the information or dis-information that aligns with our needs and wants, creating a worldview that is customized, but potentially devoid of the elements that support our PURPOSE and POWER and long term success.  

The good news…we currently have a wealth of science based knowledge in the areas of neuroscience and psychology to guide our understanding about what is good for human development and what is toxic and destructive. When we integrate this research information into a story and entertainment framework, we open up a treasure chest of possibilities for human growth, and these possibilities can also be created in ways that make this information both compelling and accessible to any age and stage of growth. 

 INNERTAINMENT is entertainment designed specifically to elevate our PURPOSE and POWER.  It is created in ways that expand an individual’s potential for awareness, ability and control, by using a framework for change that’s combined with personalized entertainment preferences.  This Innertaining approach, provokes and challenges reflective thinking and higher brain executive functions.  

The INNERTAINMENT Story Strategies that follow are designed to unfold in a series of steps, with examples, tips and tools that allow you to find your own unique pathway to personal development through the entertainment medium.