#4: UNCORKED: The Movie




               THE MOVIE: UNCORKED   Available Now on Netflix       

#1.  Watch both the trailer and the film UNCORKED.  


     #2.  Review the trailer as many times as you need to and complete the  following  ACTION ELEMENTS using the INNERTAINMENT® METHOD below.  



AWARENESS  (Information and Knowledge)

  1.  Focus your answers on the LEAD character of the STORY.  

      2.  Who, (character names) in your opinion, was on the LEAD character’s STORY TEAM (demonstrated support)?  Did any positive or negative shifts occur with the members of the STORY TEAM over time in how they supported the LEAD character?  If so, when and why?

      3.  In the film, how did the LEAD character spend the majority of his/her time? (What type of activities?) 

      4.  Was there anything from the LEAD character’s BACK STAGE, that seemed to be effecting the FRONT STAGE and FUTURE STAGE behavior?

      5.  What is the most important thing about the LEAD character, that stands out in your mind?


ABILITY   (Skills / Process)

  1. What was the core SKILL or ABILITY that the LEAD character seemed  to possess in the STORY? 

      2. How did this ABILITY allow the LEAD character to progress on his pathway to development?

      3. How did this ABILITY effect the LEAD character’s communication with others?

      4. If you could add another SKILL or ABILITY, that you wanted the LEAD character to demonstrate in the STORY, what would it be? Why?

      5. What lesson, if any, do you think the LEAD character was learning about his/her SKILLS / ABILITIES as the STORY progressed?

      6. What behaviors was the LEAD character engaged in to change or modify his SKILLS / ABILITIES?


CONTROL  (Actions and Translation)

  1. What were the LEAD character’s primary and secondary POWER TYPES?  

                      -Primary Power

                      -Secondary Power

       2. How did the LEAD character USE their Primary and Secondary Power?                              

       3. Place your LEAD character on the FUTURE STAGE of the I-THEATER.  What would you predict he/she would be doing in three years?  Why?

       4. How would you predict your LEAD character would be spending the majority of their time in the next three years? Why?

       5. By the end of the film, what changes if any, did you notice in the LEAD character’s