Rob Reiher: Background


                                                                              ROB REIHER, Ph.D.

Founder & C.E.O. of FutureWise Inc. / The Center For INNERTAINMENT /Live Above The Noise

From a background of over 40 years of product and program development, Media PsychologyDevelopmental Psychology and Educational Psychology, Dr. Reiher has integrated neuroscience, consciousness research, and personal development into a strategic and practical framework for understanding how to live a more Choice-Full life in a world of increasing “noise” and uncertainty.

After several years of working in the context of commercial product and program development, Rob, frustrated with the lack of concern for the integration of human developmental dimensions into product development, divorced himself from this context to shine a light on the topic of Choice-Fullness in the accelerating Age of Noise, and to create a new and more integrated approach to self improvement and the development of positive products and programs.

The Choice-Fullness paradigm for change was created to understand the idea of how to make good choices from three separate but connected dimensions of learning, Awareness, Ability and Control.  In a world of rapidly accelerating NOISE, these three critical dimensions of development (awareness, ability, control), have become increasingly dis-integral and disconnected creating higher discord and complexity for positive choice making skills. This in turn impacts the elevation of  individuals, families and especially young children, to a higher developmental level of full human potential.

From a psychology background of 45 years, Rob brings a broad combination of integral training and experience from business, counseling, communication, education, media and entertainment.  He has been actively involved as a researcher, counselor, teacher, speaker and product and program development consultant.   In the past, Rob has also served as an adjunct professor of  Psychology and created the first Innertainment course in the nation, at Woodbury University in Burbank California, Sober College in Woodland Hills California, and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

In 1991, Rob created, and continues to evolve, a new and unique methodology for self improvement with families and children called Innertainment. This method creates a clear distinction from entertainment, based on brain research and the principles of human development. The Innertainment model uses the motivational potential and compelling nature of today’s entertainment mediums in unique ways, to increase Choice-Fullness and create higher levels of Awareness, Ability and Control.  With the Entertainment Economy, Experience Economy and Digital Economy ( gaining momentum, products and programs that ONLY fulfill the following definition of entertainment… entertainment (as in “diversion”) n. : an activity that is diverting and that holds our attention, is a way of coping and compensating for the increasing NOISE  and uncertainty that surrounds us, but not capable of  propelling our society toward the Choice-Full changes necessary for the growth and longevity of the planet.  We can no longer afford to be immersed and “lost” in a world of amusement and distraction, but instead, we must sharpen, not dull, our attentional and intentional skills toward a positive future by elevating our choices in alignment with a new and transformational Elevation Economy.

Rob has co-authored two books, What Kids Buy Why and Kidnapped:How Irresponsible Marketers Are Stealing the Minds of Your Children with Daniel Acuff,  Ph.D.  Reiher and Acuff discuss the developmental parameters for creating enriching and more Choice-Full media along with how parents can determine and evaluate positive consumer products and programs for their children.

Currently, Rob is completing two new books-FutureWise: The Challenge of Choice In The Age of Noise, and The Choice-Full Child, both focused on the rapidly accelerating Cycle Of Noise in contemporary society. In these books, Rob discusses  how the diversity and impact of  disempowering information is effecting how we think, feel, communicate, act and “choose” our future.  In addition, Rob is continuing to create a series of Choice-Full products and programs, along with a series of podcasts for families at LiveAboveThe Noise.com with his partner and podcast host from Canada, Wayne Yercha.