I remember a game I used to play as a toddler, when someone in my family or my relatives would ask the question How Big?  The automatic response I gave, was to throw my arms up in the air, in a state of joy, and everyone around me would shout sooooo big!  Little did I know, that particular “how big” question and it’s implications for life would reappear over and over again throughout my lifetime, but in a wider and expanded variety of contexts. And over time as both my age and understanding has expanded, sooooo big has taken on a completely new set of meanings.

The phrase self awareness feels limited now. It’s restricted and closed, reducing our humanity to something smaller than it really is.  But on the other hand SELF awareness feels much better and more accurate. Its big, soooo big, and is unburdened by any limits.  SELF awareness includes the “mystery” of life and more of the “big picture” about who we really are, but often fail to recognize or experience when we’re  immersed in the accelerating “noise” of the media driven world that surrounds us.

Our SELF is a multidimensional concept that includes the levels, dimensions and range of our true nature.  We’re an amalgam of many parts, playing a variety of roles in our lives, in order to manage our interactions with our outer world.  Our behavior and actions in the world, have a biological layer, a psychological layer and a socio-cultural layer, either aligned or misaligned, as a result of our SELF awareness commitment and personal discovery activities. We are often “one” type of person with some people and a different person with others.  We can hide our “shadow” side,  if we think it will make us look bad in the eyes of others, while presenting our “best” side when the rewards and payoff of “looking good” are at stake. We operate on both conscious and subconscious levels simultaneously, without truly understanding our blindspots and the myriad of factors that “hijack” us on a daily basis.

The great news is, that there is an entire “world” of the SELF inside us to discover. We are sooooo big that we can unfold this world over our lifetime and still have room for more of our full potential.  Our personal wisdom and the wisdom of society depends on this commitment.  And as the “noisy” drums in our circles of influence beat louder and faster, it will always be our SELF awareness that is at stake, and with it, the future.