WELCOME  to the  “HELP!  Tell me How to Make Decisions

   During Covid” Series.

Whether your school district has already closed for the fall or not, you are going to need strategies and support for when it does. This series in [In-spirational Education} focuses on helping you make wise choices about a return to school—or not—and how to create an inspiring learning atmosphere for both you and your child, and all the practical solutions along the way.


    Choice-Full Change:  AWARENESS

  “Decide to know what you don’t know.” Dr. Robert Reiher, PhD


 13 Things to Ask Your School District Before it Reopens—whenever that is.

        By J.D. Newman

   Parents, because this subject is such a teeth grinder, we started with in a really ‘fun’ quiz form, so you can just fill it in! Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers to these questions yet—we don’t know some of them either—but they are all vital now, and critical for helping to make wise decisions for your children and family. Have fun (you might want to grab some wine first).

You can print the quiz or keep track of your answers on paper.

  1. Which is true?

___a. Covid-19 can be spread by children even when they are symptomless.

___b. Covid-19 or its mutated viruses cannot be contracted by children

___c. None of the above

  1. In the new plan to reopen schools, the parent of a child who is sent home by a school nurse with

Covid-like symptoms is required to:

___a. Have their child tested for Covid-19 before they return to school.

___b.  Report to the health department and the school administration whether someone in their family

or who has been in contact with the child has Covid-19.

___c.  None of the above and can return their child to school at any time after the fever disppears.


  1. Masks at school are a requirement. Each student must bring their own. Due to lack of federal funding, many school districts will only be able to provide _________ masks per student, per week.

__a. two

__b. three

__c. one


  1. The total national cost of making sure schools are safe and ready for students this fall—or spring– is:

___a. 1.2 million

___b. 116 billion

___c. 116 million


  1. The cost of necessary equipment for schools to make sure that they are safe for students and staff at will come from:

___a. The federal government

___b. The individual states (taxpayers)

___c. Property taxes from people living in each school district.


  1. In the reopening of schools plan, students will not be able to:

___a. hug, hold hands with, or whisper to another student

___b. share crayons or pass papers to another student

___c. play on playground equipment or share any playground toys, balls, etc.

___d. all of the above


  1. According to a recent study in The New England Journal of Medicine, the coronavirus can stay detectable on which of the following surfaces:

__a. plastic: 72 hours

__b. stainless steel and cardboard: 48 hours

__c. copper: 8 hours.

__d. all of above are correct

Bonus Questions:

  1. Check the occupation below that best describes someone who is prepared to die for their country.

___a. A soldier

___b. A teacher

___c. A politician


  1. A teacher is a ..

___a. person

___b. place

___c. thing

Extra Credit Question (for all you overachievers)

  1. If a student in your child/teen’s class tests positive, will you be notified?

__a. Yes

__b. No

__c. There is no policy about this.