Noise (disempowering information) is an accelerating issue in our society, with the potential to wreak havoc on our personal fulfillment and well being. It shows up in both the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of the information that we pay attention to on a daily basis.  As noise accelerates, through advances in technology, deeper levels of seductive media, and consumerism, there are things that we can and must do now, more than any other time in history, to learn how to live above the noise.

The concept of “living above the noise” doesn’t mean either “dropping out” or coping in ways that separate us from our world.  Instead, it means quite the opposite. living above the noise involves living our life from the “inside out”, while developing a stronger commitment to increasing and sustaining higher levels of inner awareness.

There are thousands of individuals who have demonstrated to us, that under the worst possible conditions of suppression, overload and abuse, the human mind is capable of both resilience and positive transformation. These are not simply unique  “personalities” that are talented or gifted. Instead, these individuals were doing something scientifically different with their inner world, and it was a difference, that made all the difference in their life.    

We all have a part of our mind that when developed, “offers” us our full potential. From a FutureWise perspective we call this the Center-Point. The Center-Point in technical neuroscience terms, is directly aligned with our prefrontal cortex and the skills that are called executive function.  It is this “muscle of the mind” that needs continued development and nurturing to develop our full range of possibilities.  As the “outer” circles of influence, continue to increase in power, they simultaneously create higher and higher demands for us to develop our “inner” Center-Point dimensions, to maintain our personal balance and to avoid being immersed in the escalating cycle of noise.

Living Above The Noise is a skill that needs time and commitment to blossom and flourish if we are to increase our health and well being. Without the commitment to our Center-Point, we are simply pawns for the “noisemakers” that have their best interest in mind, not ours.